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Linda's Freebie Referrals

 Updated of March 9 2017

Hello my name is Linda, and I wanted to take advantage of this MySite free web hosting offer to pass on referrals to some great Internet freebies. I have always heard that there is nothing free on the Internet. And while this is approximately 98% true, I am here to bust the myth!

So lets get started on the freebie referral path. If the referrals don't show when you click on them, please clip and paste them into your browser.

  1. Family Safety 
  2. Home Employment
  3. Free Samples
  4. Free  Web Advertising
  5. Free Link Exchange

Some of my hobbies exposed!

My Interest are family safety and clean entertainment, along with a dash of home employment opportunities that include Affiliate Marketing, Pets, gardening, and things along the educational field. There for I will be adding things of these related fields to this web site.  And if you happen to be a sales person in relation to some of these fields and would like to affiliate with me on this site, I hope to here from you at the following address.


This is what French Mastiff Puppies look like. The same breed that was on the movie Turner and Hooch.




 About German Shepherds

German Shepherd dogs are protective

of their owners and families.

They are often black and tan

but also rang in black and silver.

Some white breeds of German Shepherds

are also becoming more popular.

When properly raised they make great family dogs.

There size ranges approximately two feet tall

with the female usually slightly smaller than the male.

This breed of dog is often used as police dogs.



                                   Free advertising!   

Did you know there are many ways to get free advertising?

Have you ever tried these methods?

Some radio stations allow locals to call in advertisements for free!

These methods are used for lost and found items,

or for things you may be giving away free.

Some allow half hour talk shows for those starting  a new business.

The key is to mention "How this new business will be beneficial to the community".



Check out this Innocent link exchange for christian items!

Exchange links with others here!



Home and Garden

Gardening is one of my hobbiesSmile  It is amazing how easy it is to reproduce Rose of Sharron.

They are considered a tree or shrub, and part of the Hibiscus Family.

After making a mail order purchase of the plants I received them,  

and noticed they had very little root.

  So I took matters into my own hands!Undecided

Not sure of the out come I thought,  I will let the roots develop.

So I clipped of the tops and stuck them in dirt.

I could hardly believe how fast the clippings started new plants!

And some of the clippings are already starting to flower, "Whew, That was FAST!"Wink