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After many years of marketing, exploring home employment and working in the public relation field, I have made some exciting discoveries. And I am here to pass them  on.

  • Did you know that many doctors give free samples of medicine to uninsured people that can not afford to buy the meds.
  • Many states have an office that holds peoples unclaimed money, and most people don't know they have it.  The money comes from uncashed checks, utility refunds, old insurance policies, etc... For information on the office of your state, inquire with the attorney generals office.
  • Most people that are successfull with a home based business, are the ones that create the home business program.  Creating your own web site may be your first step to success.
  • Many companies will let you affiliate with them, if some one orders from their company from your web site, that means CA$H for you!
  • Are cash grants for real, where do you find them. Here is a good place to start. Many successfull companies put cash in a reserve for public funds. This gives them a tax break, and it is good publicity for the company! I have started with pulling things out of my cubbords and calling the questions phone numbers on the boxes. I sure got some laughs, but also found the ones that really do give away cash grants for collage, ect...

Free Auto's


Did you know that the largest Auto Manufactures give away autos to get a tax break. The government allows large companies to give away money or product to others  such as non profit organizations. By using this method, the company has some decision about where there money "that would be otherwise used for taxes" can go. 

To get a free auto a person or organization would have to put in a request to the company office that handles the grant situation. It is important to explain how the new auto will be used to better some one's life. And if at all possible, how it will be beneficial to the community. There are dead lines on grant opportunities, so do some research into making a request before hand.

For those who don't qualify for a free auto, possibly you want to check into government seized auto's. Some purchases can be made for up to 95% off the regular expected purchase price. For some states a good credit rating may apply.




NY STATE UNCLAIMED MONEY IS HELD BY THE NEW YORK STATE COMPTROLLERS OFFICE! It is possible that people from other States may have money in NY State. Example: If you live in PA but work in NY you could have unclaimed money. If you live in another state but have lived in NY you may have unclaimed NY Funds. There are assorted reasons to look, Death Claims, store refunds, forgotten bank accounts ect...

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