Garden Family and Puppies

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Linda's Home and Garden Photos

Take a look at some of my home, garden and family photo's. 

Here is Tony holding up the world.

Here is Shay holding a baby French Mastiff. They are the dogs like on the movie "Turner and Hooch". They are family raised and have registered parents. The puppies are for sale in Belmont NY. If interested please call 585 403 6201.

Here is a view of Wisteria tree form.

Above: Bee Balm Herb, part of the mint family. When I gave a red pettal to a family member, he said "Hmmmm! Tast like pizza!"

Baby French Mastiff Puppies Call Fred @ 585 403 6201

Can Any One ID This Mystery Fern? It grows like a ground cover, gets a couple feet tall. And looks really good growing next to Bee Balm that grows taller then the fern.

Say hello to MeMe.

Minny Mouse Watermelon taste like a cross between a cucumber, and a Water Mellon. The entire fruit is eatable.

Mystery Fern

Royal Empress Tree Clone

Madeline is checking out an empress tree clone.

A tree form of wisteria.

Above: A piece of Rose of Sharron (water rooted)

MeMe takes a nap.

Bee Balm Flower. Tasty petals are also a spice. The leaves are good brewed in your tea. But beware, it is also a diuretic.